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Dying to Live

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

After a large harvest, the farmer gazes at the empty fields, preparing for the next year. He takes the very best seeds, washes them off, only to throw them back into the soil. As he drops the seeds, he explains to the seeds that it's just the start.

"In order to give you new life, I first have to clean you up. Once I get you perfect, I can now see any possible flaws that might hinder the process. Now that I can clearly see your potential, I'll begin to throw you into the dirt and eventually cover you up until all you see is darkness."

"Yet, you have to trust me that what I'm doing is best, because I see life in you that's bigger than you see in yourself currently. One day you'll see yourself as I do and you'll realize your purpose."

A month passes, and all the seeds began doubting the process. "He just left us here to die, he's not coming back to get us." Discouraged, the seeds began to question everything, believing that dying slowly would be better than this dark solitude.

But one seed held to the promise, "The farmer said to trust him, and I will, I'm determined to!" The others mocked the last seed for his blind faith, yet the little one kept believing.

One day, the little seed wakes up to the warmth of the sun ☀️, stretches upwards and then it hits him, "I see the sun again!" But I don't feel the same as before, I'm bigger, I'm greener, the farmer wasn't lying."

The Lesson:

Life has its way of removing us from our comfort zone to show us that we are more than we see.

When holding on to our personal beliefs, life will bury and discourage us with using those around. Hold on another day, it's on its way.

Keep believing in the path your on and that you are enough. One day without any warning, the sun ☀️ will be shining again. It can't remain dark forever.

When the process is complete, you'll finally see yourself as you were designed to be, bigger, stronger, and bringing life giving properties to all around you.

Hang in there little seed, when it's complete you might find a strong oak tree staring back.


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